Haight Orchards        
2229 Pannel Road  Reidsville, NC  27320
Welcome to our apple schedule. All apples are already picked and sold from our barn. 


Ø  Some varieties have limited availability.  You might want to call 336-427-6933 if you are interested in a specific variety.   

Ø  Our closing date varies due to weather and crop size, so if you are planning a late August visit, please call first.

Apple varieties are listed by approximate dates and in approximate order of availability.  Often we will have more than one kind available at the same time. 

                       LATE  JULY OR EARLY AUG                            
                   GINGERGOLD - a newer favorite                
              GALA crisp, semi-sweet                      
                     MID AUGUST                                          

             EARLY FUJI - newer strain - very good!
              CORTLAND - great all-purpose               
                     JONAGOLD - great all-purpose, semi-sweet 


                             MUTSU - crisp golden type
                             RED DELICIOUS an old favorite  
         GOLDEN DELICIOUS another old favorite


If you have any questions or if you need directions, please call us at 336-427-6933 during business hours.  We’ll look forward to seeing you!!


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